Myths of the Darkness

Dark forces have awakened in response to the Minotaurs quest for acceptance. Some do not want to be accepted into the human world. Some want to stop The Legends of the Veil.

The story began when the Demon Azazel used his cunning to trick Cain, the world’s first killer, into giving him access to the only weapon that could potentially kill Cain’s mother, Lilith, the Queen of Hell. His plan was to destroy her and Lucifer and take Hell for himself. After escaping Hell he happened to fall up on the devious dealings of the cyclops Polyphemus and the dark elf Rumplestiltskin. He stole the sword Excalbur from them and fled.

The trio decided to join forces to retrieve their weapons and destroy the goat demon.
Until the dark elf was beaten by Lycaon the king of wolves and never seen again.

My name is Lilith. You may know me as the Hell Queen or the Mother of Demons. I am both. I have grown tired of my life as a Legend. I am sick of playing nice. I am not one of them, I do not want the acceptance that The Minotaur so desperately craves. So, I have left the pits of Hell to live amongst the skurge of humanity… except I don’t want to walk among them unnoticed. I want them to see me and run. I want to maim, kill and destroy. We don’t need to be accepted… we should be worshiped.

After I have killed the traitor Azazel I intend on bringing darkness back into the world..

The Queen has arrived; Will you come and sin with us in the city of sin?

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